LockInfo 5 Plans

Now that the iOS6 jailbreak is imminent, you might be wondering about plans for LockInfo.

LockInfo 5 has been in alpha testing for quite a while but little work has been done on it recently due to the lack of a real iOS6 jailbreak on the horizon. Now, work is continuing aggressively to get it ready for a real release. New features are showing up and bugs are getting fixed left and right.

Based on the recent DMCA exception changes, I don’t know yet what I will be doing with iPad support. If it’s illegal to jailbreak an iPad, it’s going to be difficult to develop the tweak really. But I plan to follow the jailbreak team’s lead on this and see what happens at release time. iPad support is mostly there, except for some odd unique issues that I need to work out.

I hope to have a beta release of LockInfo 5 in the next week and a final release shortly after.